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Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ

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It's the Kylie Quiz, in which Kylie Jenner grills her boyfriend Travis Scott all about herself, their daughter Stormi, and the Jenner-Kardashian clan. Can Travis get all 23 of Kylie's questions right? Check out Kylie and Travis’ GQ cover story here: gq.com/kylieandtravis Still haven’t subscribed to GQ on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2iij5wt ABOUT GQ For more than 50 years, GQ has been the premier men’s magazine, providing definitive coverage of style, culture, politics and more. In that tradition, GQ’s video channel covers every part of a man’s life, from entertainment and sports to fashion and grooming advice. So join celebrities from 2 Chainz, Stephen Curry and Channing Tatum to Amy Schumer, Kendall Jenner and Kate Upton for a look at the best in pop culture. Welcome to the modern man’s guide to style advice, dating tips, celebrity videos, music, sports and more. https://www.youtube.com/user/GQVideos Kylie Jenner Asks Travis Scott 23 Questions | GQ
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Текстовые комментарии (80568)
Mylee Mann (1 час назад)
E4ZY K1LLZ (1 час назад)
How much brain cells does travis have?
TMLN [too much lil’ noise] (2 часа назад)
Kylie - want some pizza? Travis - chainsaw Kylie - I LOVE YOU Travis - Facts
TMLN [too much lil’ noise] (2 часа назад)
Travis deadass look ugly here
Haley T (4 часа назад)
Travis just seems so dead inside during this.
TheBloodWolf 115 (4 часа назад)
Yo Travis is my mood during a math test 😪😆
Lilli Ana (4 часа назад)
At school and my mom friend said that I have Kylie Jenner lips 👄 cuz I have big lips and they said I'm gonna have your body but idk
Milk Mugget (6 часов назад)
Travis makes me seem smart lmao he got told the answer thens he’s like “ OH YEAH YEAH I KNOW THAT”
NWO NWO (6 часов назад)
Kylie : what am I made of? Travis : plastic? Kylie: omg I love you baby
Christina Charles (6 часов назад)
" litt queen is falling asleep
NWO NWO (6 часов назад)
Kylie : what are we sitting on ? Travis : uhmm........ Kylie : cha........ Travis : CHAIRS.... Kylie : *ILoVeyOuBabY*
ken JUNGI (2 часа назад)
Christina Charles (6 часов назад)
"Black Panther Movie and Party have nothing to do with Kanye West And Co.
Christina Charles (6 часов назад)
Arun Chinna Meyyappan (7 часов назад)
She calls him daddy because she doesn't have one anymore.
oʇɐuǝɹ ɹǝɟoʇsᴉɹʞ (7 часов назад)
nobody: Travis Scott: fAcTs
Lewis' Channel (7 часов назад)
King Z (8 часов назад)
2:54 the entire families favorite color
Hayz 1023 (8 часов назад)
Norm-i Bamb-i Ros-y Harl-ey Storm-i
Thea Evergreen (9 часов назад)
Wait aren’t her eyes brown?? I’m really confused
D Jay (9 часов назад)
i hope i date someone who knows me more than travis knows kylie
Sunnyday Sunshine13 (9 часов назад)
Does Kylie have really low self-esteem or something?
Martha Flores Medina (10 часов назад)
I simply can NOT believe the “level” of stupidity of these two people. What kind of education do they have?
alyse fisher (12 часов назад)
Travis: cheer is not a sport. Travis 10 seconds later: it’s not a sport unless if it’s on ESPN The Cheerleading Worlds are on ESPN.
Astra Animations (12 часов назад)
Take a shot every time Travis says "fact"
Joshua Irabor (12 часов назад)
Kylie : “ what’s the colour of my hair ? “ Travis : “ ummmm......black ? “ Kylie : “ uhh baby I love you…” 😂😂😂
Stephanie Tlapa (14 часов назад)
Shes a leo i am too!!
Alan & Abdi (16 часов назад)
His male version of a gold digger!!
Vonn Rivera (16 часов назад)
This guy is soo high
Alan & Abdi (16 часов назад)
3:47 lip!?
Alan & Abdi (16 часов назад)
His high as f***! Like
Alex Rivers (16 часов назад)
He need take out them grills when he talking
Lydia Lewallen (16 часов назад)
Emma Matheny (16 часов назад)
why she sound ghetto when she say two lmaooo.
Kylie Shepherd (18 часов назад)
Do Justin and Hailey next!!
CHARGED UP! (18 часов назад)
lady...???? LADY??????????
Arxemides Affirmations (18 часов назад)
So basically a boyfriend tag
Jared Shea (19 часов назад)
What up with all this slander on Travis 😂 y’all have nothing better to do lmao
Bleached White (20 часов назад)
Can we talk about how fire the background is????
Bleached White (20 часов назад)
7:51 his reaction is actually low key cute.
Best (20 часов назад)
Kylie : Name 5 kylie jenner products Travis : Storm Isn't that right?
mady la (22 часа назад)
Kylie: whatever, we did not even doing this right. U are supposed to guess how many Travis: no, thats impossible. Ok how many tattoes do u have Kylie: I dont know
1 T (23 часа назад)
Isabelle Williams (1 день назад)
Everybody hating on Travis Scott needs to chill. He’s insecure and most likely has social anxiety, his kid is going to be great . Let Kylie, Travis & stormi liveeeee, theyre gonna have a great intelligent family .
High Life (1 день назад)
#fuckkyliejenner #travisscotttrash #fucktravisscott
taehyung kim (1 день назад)
they dont look like a couple tho.
Zackeroo HQ (1 день назад)
He sounds like as if he was on a rollercoaster in Astroworld... and then a fly got stuck in his throat
Isa Vega (1 день назад)
Gurl stop liying to ya self, you eyes r brown not green +yellow common u know better
goo5976 (1 день назад)
Yo Travis hates this girl. I see myself and my ex when I look at him interact with her
Endora J (1 день назад)
why this made me cringe the through the whole vid ?
10k subs with no video (1 день назад)
subbing back to the first 5 subscribers
Dhruv Subramanain (1 день назад)
pbj is so easy to make
Teresa Whitehead (1 день назад)
Haha. Green + yellow.
M Smith (1 день назад)
He is the most unattractive, clueless boyfriend of the Kardashian's yet. Kendall: Please think this though before you make your choice. I can't see you with something like this.
Jinny Kay (1 день назад)
I feel bad but i cant take Travis seriouslyyyyy lol 🤷‍♀️
Chase Jaxson1 (1 день назад)
He really knows my body.. well y’all had a human together.
Mia Harp (1 день назад)
This is my first time hearing Travis speak
raebrained (1 день назад)
Muchdank's version is much better
Antonio Garcia (1 день назад)
The powder things😂😂😂
STW_FaKeD YT (1 день назад)
Simon Ca (1 день назад)
Kylie: What’s the name of our son Travis: ehmmmm? Kylie: I love you too
N00b (1 день назад)
Travis: *breathes* Kylie: 0h MY g0D I L0vE YOU
ryan gramza (1 день назад)
I feel like i could wife any chick in the world after watching this
Zenith (1 день назад)
so he dosent just mumble on his songs?
Ron Bernstine (1 день назад)
You guys are the perfect couple
CJH 45 (1 день назад)
He’s 100% high
Maley Penetra (1 день назад)
Are they dating cuz How does he know her that well like who knows someone color toothbrush 😶😶😶😶😶😶
Bruh287 h (1 день назад)
Salt and pepper in pizza 😑
Geena Malachi (1 день назад)
I love them so much!
Einar Playzgamez (1 день назад)
Best nickname:Burrito
HyPeR X MLG (1 день назад)
Itz Blacky (1 день назад)
He high asf
Achillios B.C (1 день назад)
Trav should ask her if the baby is really his LMAO
Poppy Jones (1 день назад)
Kylies birthday is the same day as mine 😂lol 10/8
lucas De France (1 день назад)
a tatoo on your lips ? oh no....oops, it was Kendall
noodle (1 день назад)
Her head is so small
John Smith (1 день назад)
Some of these comments are jokes 😂😂
Brush Weiyn (1 день назад)
WTF is wrong with her lips bruh !?
Xanne (1 день назад)
where can I get Kylie's shoesssss?
Nicolett Ortega Metz (1 день назад)
The little powder things lol 😂
Michelle A (1 день назад)
He looks so much better without the grill! Take it out!
Katilerina Sengal (1 день назад)
Sartu Mustefa (1 день назад)
I dont know what you guys talking about. They are so cute together.
Guixian Lee (1 день назад)
I am more entertained by the comments lmfao ya’ll savage asf
Kamy Khan (1 день назад)
Sugarrr (1 день назад)
Have his kid and he doesn’t even know the names of your dogs or barely anything about you
B Val (1 день назад)
Proud of make the best PJ sandwiches 🤣 I guess the other good dish would be cereal and milk 😂
Anil Kumar (1 день назад)
so when are these two gonna split?
Ash (1 день назад)
This looks so fake
sofia castillo (2 дня назад)
For a minute I thought he was offset
sofia castillo (2 дня назад)
anam shaikh (2 дня назад)
Travis is Clueless! Idk 😐 I
Idk my name (2 дня назад)
He knows more about Jamba Juice than Kylie LMAO
Madeline Jensen (2 дня назад)
If you have ever seen 'Mumbles' by Edbassmaster, you know Travis Scott sounds like him here😂
Jyde K (2 дня назад)
After all false answers Travis like: ah yeah right, that’s it lol
PIG (2 дня назад)
Did you realize that the Kardashian’s initials are KKK and in ku klux klan
Maiden-Reign AHIAO (2 дня назад)
Kylie:what are my parents birth name's Travis:ummmmm birth names Kylie: yea first name's Travis:umm Bruce+Kris Kylie: nooowwii
Jose Aviles (2 дня назад)
• katrina lujan • (2 дня назад)
She asks him questions and then interrupts him like 😑😑
NORA RODRIGUEZ (2 дня назад)
NORA RODRIGUEZ (2 дня назад)
Thefastfool (2 дня назад)
Kyle: what are the nicknames i give you? Travis: babe.........sometimes daddy😁

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