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Inside The Mind of Jake Paul

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Binge the WHOLE SERIES here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bpkr91p2xY&list=PLDs0tNoNYTz1P3dO8m5Wdv0WE2lPTQSJm&index=1 SUBSCRIBE to Jake Paul https://www.youtube.com/user/JakePaulProductions Erika Costell https://www.youtube.com/user/P6UK Follow Andrew https://www.instagram.com/andrewsiwicki/?hl=en Ryland https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0CG8Kj2DqFc9bJld0hJKBA Morgan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSfLUmBHOLoL0uHcxhRCwFw The Mind of Jake Paul is an in depth look at one of the fasted growing Youtuber’s of all time. From his childhood, to his teenage years, to his days of jumping on top of news vans and lighting empty swimming pools on fire; everything will be explored to find out what makes Jake Paul who he is. My Merch http://www.amazon.com/shanedawson Thanks to: Nerd City https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxsQFG_8Dbt1sZhLReL2mUw Alissa Violet https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK1cdF6-oYMrrfPkGfXwTmQ KeemStar https://www.youtube.com/user/NewDramaAlert Logan Paul https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG8rbF3g2AMX70yOd8vqIZg H3H3 Podcast https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLtREJY21xRfCuEKvdki1Kw Hollywoodfix https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHollywoodFix ClevverNews https://www.youtube.com/user/ClevverNews
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Текстовые комментарии (193912)
Rachael Lieberman (1 час назад)
When Jake was talking about what happened with him and Alyssa, it sounded like he was making stuff up because he kept hesitating and going "uh..." "um...." and looking around so...hmmmmmm...
Ranj Vlogs (1 час назад)
Dear Shane you little bitch you have make Jake and Erika broke up you pise oh fuck
Elub blue (1 час назад)
If I was good at Tarot cards ( *I'm a tarot user* ) and know that I wouldn't attract any " *unwanted* " attention I'd post tarot readings on the truth of this entire situation and upon the Paul family.
jamy quintana (2 часа назад)
Jack cheated on Eric, so does that mean what he said was a lie on this film
JakDax567 (2 часа назад)
Great storytelling, terrible journalism. You've (once again) manipulated millions into feeling empathy for someone who didn't deserve it.
Maggie Reeve (2 часа назад)
were are Shane? O,O We miss you <3 Cant Wait of The Next Vid you upload, Keep up the good Work
Angel Msp (2 часа назад)
Shane, I understand that you like this new style of videos. But people are missing your old videos, I understand that you’d like to try new stuff but ally of people don’t really like it, I kinda am apart of this, I miss your old videos, no hate. I still love Shane but I’m not really loving these new videos.
thisisnotchannel (31 минуту назад)
Angel Msp he will continue doing these kinds of vids. You can never please anyone and he now sayed he would do things that make him happy. Also the majority of people enjoy these vids
maymaylingling (2 часа назад)
Troll _Gamer (2 часа назад)
Shane your wack what happened to the conspiracy theory’s ?
Valerie Sheppard (3 часа назад)
you know what?? why doesnt shane do shane?? VIEWS?? probably. im tired of these scripted videos.
Valerie Sheppard (3 часа назад)
dont like his new vids
Jake Paul (3 часа назад)
You did the mind of jake Paul Series just for views
Kelly Gibson (4 часа назад)
This is not related to the viedo but is drew monson dead or no cause i miss his youtude chanall
Jorgia Loch (4 часа назад)
Shane you haven’t posted in a month I keep looking everyday to see if u posted anything I love ur vids I’m getting worried all ur fans need to know where you are I know ur busy with the fires and evacuating I wear ur merch every time it’s clean to remember that your hopefully ok I know u at least update you snapchat but that’s not enough for your viewers I just want you to post one single post please Shane Lee Yaw ❤️ miss you I just really need to see my favourite YouTuber
_____ _____ (4 часа назад)
Y’all I’m selling a penny that drake touched. DM me @gucci.k.atherine on ig if interested 😏
laurenn fowler (4 часа назад)
It stopped being about jake being a sociopath, but more about talking and listening and getting it out and lifting the weight. Awh Shane your such a sweetheart for doing this and talking and giving advice! I know you wont see this but i love you and truly support you, And i have a weird sense of pride in you for doing this. Lol idk but this moved me.
Serena Swirl (4 часа назад)
Hey remember when Shane made conspiracy theory video? Yeah me neither....
Allfourkids L (4 часа назад)
Anyone remember when Shane used to make huge cakes and huge candy? If you read this comment shane, you've changed a lot but I also want my giant candy back.
Laela H (4 часа назад)
Shane....WYA bored sister hereee😭
byrd leigh (4 часа назад)
laurenn fowler (4 часа назад)
Its like watching a movie
Shelby Damron (5 часов назад)
I Tried 2 (5 часов назад)
I really didn't believe jerika and I still don't. Erika got cheated on so if you think about it Jake didn't really believe or care about jerika. If he really did why would he cheat on Erika.
Splacid (5 часов назад)
I miss the old shane
amesyamy (5 часов назад)
Alissa wasn't allowed to leave Team 10 really (she mentioned in the previous video), so maybe she did the things she did with Logan to force Jake to cut her off
Jessica Olmedo (5 часов назад)
We're Shane he's been gone for a whole month
Hey thats pretty good (6 часов назад)
Bro peep jake looking scared asf
Stanced Styfon (6 часов назад)
Shaney....Shaney come back 😢 I NEEEEEEEEEDS U
Matt Linville (6 часов назад)
Will Shane ever post again? Who knows?
Barbara Ribe (6 часов назад)
Yay!! Finally! Jake and Erika broke up!! Erika deserved better anyways!
Hey thats pretty good (6 часов назад)
Its Me Shadow (6 часов назад)
Whens the neat upload???😭😪
Summer Helm (6 часов назад)
Where did he go to
Aesthetic Jasmine (6 часов назад)
I love all of Shane’s documentaries no matter who there about, his only goal and gain from them is for the better✔️®️.
SakuraProductions (7 часов назад)
Shane. I love you. But these series aren't.. as what they used to be. Ever since the tana documentary, you were too biased. Especially when she posted the photo for Halloween. You instantly sided with her. Shane, I've been watching you for years, now.. My interest in you has faded and I'm disliking you ever since you started getting into more drama.. Your a good person, though that's what people take advantage of. Tana did that, she turned on the waterworks just to manipulate you. She blamed everything on Michael. She didn't take responsibility, she goes on life just like nothing happened. Shane, If you reading this, please, your a kind and nice guy. But you are naive aswell.. you are too biased.
im a person (7 часов назад)
When is he going make more videos
Alex Cactus (7 часов назад)
Next documentary should be about Melanie Martinez??? 🤔🤔
Kween_Keyera (7 часов назад)
Please do a docuseries on Eugenia Cooney
horse girl 11 (7 часов назад)
Why are you not posting
laneyydean (7 часов назад)
any small youtubers want to support each other? x
Elizabeth Rojas-Ramos (7 часов назад)
Guys Shane’s taking a break because of the jerika breakup and the tana photo he’ll be back posting soon so at least give him some time so he could get things straight because he’s in a lot right now because of that so at least give him a break and he’s getting a lot of hate of this but I don’t think he deserves hate so give him a break Thanks for understanding and give the queen some time Thanks bye
Flower (7 часов назад)
I miss Shane ;~;
Maliyah Mcmann (7 часов назад)
please please do "the secrets of jojo siwa"
Luis Flores Official (7 часов назад)
When is conspiracy theories coming back
Lee Pink (7 часов назад)
Who/what is Jake Paul??? Please explain. I’ve never heard of him before today.
Sophie Garrison (8 часов назад)
Your such a good person Shane! Ignore the haters, we miss you. Hope to see you soon, but make sure you take all the time you need.
Im Proud Of You (8 часов назад)
Shane, where are you? 😭😭🤧 It has been a whole month.. I hope you’re okay!
Aubri Croom (8 часов назад)
When will he post next
Shrub Mongeau (8 часов назад)
Come back pls
Sister Life: Jade and Ryan (8 часов назад)
I just watched this whole thing
kalli dunnam (8 часов назад)
xoxo.jennaaa_ (8 часов назад)
congratulations on 19 million!!!!!!
cole master (8 часов назад)
Shane are you dead you never uploaded a video in a month
Tattooed Heart’ (8 часов назад)
Can u make a conspiracy theory
c00L be4ns (8 часов назад)
Wtf. Shane u gained over 3 million subs IN A MONTH
Kylie Bijou (9 часов назад)
1:24:19 is anyone else NOT going to talk about how cute that puppy is!!!
Mia Harp (9 часов назад)
Send Jeons (9 часов назад)
Mia Harp (9 часов назад)
Dang he uploaded a whole movie....
Booga (9 часов назад)
Why is it that I am more willing to watch a video Shane made thats the length of a movie more then a movie?
Lucy Wonders (9 часов назад)
Did you stop doing conspiracy’s and hanging out with your friends doing spooky stuff????? Jw
Oliver Serrano (10 часов назад)
am I the only one who found this video extremely boring in comparison to all the other videos he's posted so far?
Slayer Kills all (10 часов назад)
Do a video on luxurypranks faking their videos.
Hard Rock Blues (10 часов назад)
We need conspiracy theories Shane
Thereal_myab (10 часов назад)
Can some tell me what thus vid is about i havent watched shane or watch jake paul
TYP FRÆNÇœ (10 часов назад)
Shane was killed by Jake after this video was posted
Jennifer (10 часов назад)
I just realized that your profile picture bts did something similar
Kierrah Bryant (10 часов назад)
Literally cant wait for the next one
Kaylee LovesMusic (10 часов назад)
Next series Inside the mind of : Garrett Watts
Abbi Carey (10 часов назад)
#bringbacktheconspiracytheories Like it u agree
Emma Herron (10 часов назад)
Has anyone noticed how much jake says "like"😂
Extraterrestrial.things OwO (11 часов назад)
Shane if you ever do a conspiracy again if you go on google translate and make the language from Somali to English and type things in the translate bar with a space every 2 letters (li ke th is) it translates it to some really weird stuff, and if you translate it from English to Somali it says completely different things
Smokes Vallejos (11 часов назад)
Shane You Should Make A Series W. Domo Wilson!!!!💜💜
Misty Colley (11 часов назад)
Great vids
CosmicPrince (11 часов назад)
Gaylord warfstache (11 часов назад)
I kind of dont like this at all most people truly don't care about these youtubers and it's just shining more light on them anx now that probably have more fame and are not diying as quickly as I had hoped these youtubers should not have to have help from some other youtubers with more stable ground than them its hard to satisfy everyone I know but it would cost less and ufend less people if he did what he had been doing or if he just did it over call and yet 8 still have some respect for this man and would like to see him improve but he is making people that once loved him hate him and he is not going about this with the right approach in any situation I'm just saying
Hoot hoit (11 часов назад)
Am I the only one who thinks Shane should do Glitterforever17 next?
The Roblox Cousins (11 часов назад)
Have you ever heard of Laurenzside? If so, you should go to her channel, she made a sims video about you and other youtubers. I'm pretty sure she'd be happy if you maybe commented or liked her video. Just letting you know.
Breanna Cordero (12 часов назад)
Don't get me wrong I love 💕 these series but sometimes i want the old Shane back because he used to be so fun and now it's so gloomy 😞
noodle.isa_ doodle (12 часов назад)
Can we just get another barbie microwaving vidoe?
MADELYN KARNES (12 часов назад)
House tour!!!!
Zane Gregory (12 часов назад)
Knowing Shane and his anxiety. A project like this. I have a feeling that he won't be coming back to his channel for a long time. He's obviously taking a break cause this is just toooo much. It gives ME anxiety.
Adriana B (12 часов назад)
Do a Marina Joyce series! i wanna know what happened to her and why she got so normal again.
Jadi Peperzak (12 часов назад)
I think there are alot of people (like me) that would love new conspiracy theory videos! (Not that I believe that stuff, but it’s just fun..
mgmg479479479 (12 часов назад)
Im dying without your conspiracy theories, make one regarding the California fires , and man made weather
Laura Cannon (12 часов назад)
I honestly believe Jake Paul is just too stupid for fame. I hope this is the end of him being in Shane's videos. I believe he is only taking advantage of Shane. Shane needs to give up, he cant fix stupid or someone who's a sociopath. Yeah, his parents are to blame as well.... but after all the trouble he has caused and all the trouble he's gotten in, it seems like he would catch the memo and quit acting a fool. HE CHOOSES to act the way he does. HE CHOOSES not to care what hell he causes other people or himself. All he wants is money and fame, whether the fame is good or bad... its sad really, but I don't feel sorry for him at this point. But i really do respect Shane for investigating and trying to clear things up. I do not believe Jake is being honest about everything. He's going to continue to be a little dipshit as long as people support him and give him money. I do believe Shane is kind of doing this for attention.... but that's what youtubers do. At least Shane is acting like an adult and isn't setting a bad example for the kids that watch his channel. He's exposing the bullshit. Shane's videos has changed, but at least he's doing what he loves. Everyone changes. If you don't like his content anymore, then unsubscribe.
Selma Tingalova (12 часов назад)
Hey! Um... I respect you ALOT. But are you quiting YouTube? If you are for the MILLION ppl that wach you pls just make a video where you go to taco bell, go to target, and just have fun with Garret, Andrew, Drew, and Ryland and have fun and make your dreams come true... PS I'm crying rn... And if your not BICH WHY YOU SCARE ME LIKE THAT! and if you aren't quiting YouTube at least make a 1 minute vid where you at least say I'm not quiting... I respect either one of these decisions this is your life you have the whole right to control it the way you want to not the way WE want to. Again I respect either one of these decision. Thank you for reading. (If you are)
Alyssa Hannah (12 часов назад)
I think Logan is the real sociopath. Jake seems to be so scared that his brother is going to be mad at him.
Brooke Bueche (13 часов назад)
It wold be everything
Brooke Bueche (13 часов назад)
My sister says that you should open an lol doll
Captain J (13 часов назад)
he hasn’t posted in a month 🤪
Kirsten Rietveld (13 часов назад)
That last montage was soooooo goooooood!!
caitlyn lan (13 часов назад)
Love u Shane
caitlyn lan (13 часов назад)
caitlyn lan (13 часов назад)
Juultje Xxc (13 часов назад)
Shane for real i realy love this videos but i stil mis that old videos of you that you eat and your conspiraty but do what you like i love you ps check the new vid from antonia marquee that girl from fiver ❤️🤫🌹 xxxx
Fionn McCarthy (13 часов назад)
Does anyone else notice how often Jake says like?
21 Savage (13 часов назад)
Fuck this shit Make a conspiracy theory video 😫
Mackenzie McBride (13 часов назад)
It literally broke my heart how Shane couldn’t even formulate words halfway through this. It was so mentally draining to him and I don’t think he gets enough credit. I don’t necessarily like jake, but overall he’s had a tough life, and yes he’s done bad shit but why is everyone so quick to put a label on him as a sociopath? That can majorly mess with someone’s head and their lives. I feel like people forget he’s a person with feelings and a family and friends who care. It’s a lot but people need to look at the bigger picture at play here.
Stranger Things Lover (14 часов назад)
Hey Shane you're probably going to ignore this but in two days it's my birthday! And I thought that I would celebrate by doing your old song made in 2012 super love and I thought it would be really cool to make a music video with all of my friends with that song so that's what I'm going to do I might send it to you on Instagram so please stay tuned I really hope that you'll watch it and maybe even do a reaction video that would be the best birthday present ever! Bye!

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