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Building a Poker Table

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showing how i built my 8 player poker table
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Pettost (5 дней назад)
Stop critiquing his music. For one, the music doesn't change the build. For two, you can mute your mic. Three, I actually quite like it! but that doesn't mean we all do.
Gwiggy22 (3 месяца назад)
I was interested until the music went full retard
Caleb Borg (3 месяца назад)
6:46 sounds like fucking angry birds and Mario cart mixed
Jim Mckenna (7 месяцев назад)
Does anyone know a place that fixes poker tables at in Montana
David Clavijo (7 месяцев назад)
Dimensions? please
bishop5537 (8 месяцев назад)
Very well done, but WTF was that music?!
Ollie (9 месяцев назад)
Great work! A voice over instead of the music would have been better if you make another vid. 👍🏾
SecondSundayTV (10 месяцев назад)
dope video good job dude
Surfbored (10 месяцев назад)
Nice video dude! Question whats the measurements?
Jason Hong (11 месяцев назад)
Good job but the worst music ever..
Michael Farmer (1 год назад)
Nice work.
Omar Jimenez (1 год назад)
Nice Jazz/Progressive song at the half of the video, name??
Mitch Sandborn (1 год назад)
What material did you use for the surface? Also where can you order a custom felt with a logo on it for a reasonable price?
ChePennyDK (1 год назад)
Pro tip, turn of the sound if you don't like to bleed from the ears!
Kevin McBigPP (1 год назад)
The foam is a little tall.
Rick Deckard (1 год назад)
Nice but pretty sloppy on the padding wrap.
Jose Figueroa (1 год назад)
Jose Figueroa (1 год назад)
Freaking amazing
Chazz McCloud (1 год назад)
Is that Frank Zappa?
Alan Estes (1 год назад)
I immediately thought that it was similar to Zappa... The song is called Insectamongus by Jordan Rudess.... And it's glorious :D
Thirsty brew co (1 год назад)
Hoe much did it cost to build
Last Jedi (1 год назад)
...but the music bro, really...killed the video.
Joe Keslar (1 год назад)
Lefties with right handed power tools
George Maltsiniotis (1 год назад)
Could have gone without the shitty soundtrack.
Max G (1 год назад)
Do you have a part list for this?
Nerd Life Gaming (1 год назад)
at the table saw a push stick will prolong how long you keep your fingers, AWESOME BUILD by the way
ImportantGuy (1 год назад)
the music half way was god awful.
Mr. Proghead (1 год назад)
Suddenly: Insectsamongus!
Michael S (1 год назад)
Great table but I cant watch anymore of this video. Everytime I watch you use your band saw I was just waiting for you to cut off a finger or something. Do you not know how to use your band saw? Trust me when youve had a saw nearly cut off your hand when shit kicks back you will learn the hard way. When your using your band saw you should always bring the adjustable guard down atleast a quarter of an inch above the material you are cutting or your gonna have something kick or grab your hands and cut off a finger. And always keep your hands atleast 3 inches from the blade called the 3 inch rule. Also if you ever plan on doing another job like this. When you do leather covering. Ive done automotive upholstery and when you roll over the leather to staple it down to your back board. You want to first start in the middle on each side of the panel, then pick one side to work with first and working from the middle outwards to the corners. Then as you move around doing the other 3 sides do the same thing. That way when you get to the corners you can tuck in any excess you have then pulling the 4 corner tabs of the leather or upholstery fabric your using over the top and staple 2 or 3 staples down the length of the folded tab before trimming it to the length of the rest you trimmed off. This method of doing this pulls your leather nice and taught and removes any wrinkles in the material.
Pettost (5 дней назад)
Michael S (1 год назад)
Your band saw was way to high for what you were cutting. Not a good thing
jome135 (1 год назад)
very cool!!! do you have the measurements or detailed instructions anywhere?
Sig Guy (2 года назад)
Very nice. What did you do for a table base?
dannythetoesmasher (2 года назад)
Nice table.
Milton Baís (2 года назад)
ducaralho!!!! Show!!!!
John Armstrong (2 года назад)
Looks good. I might have lapped the vinyl into the ends so that it was in between the gaps if possible.
Thales Carvalho (2 года назад)
How much one?
John Smith (2 года назад)
what type of varnish did you use for the top part of the wood that has cups
Mohammed Ibrahim (2 года назад)
We want to see how you make the ( base )
John Lanius (2 года назад)
Not only do I admire your woodworking skill, but you have impeccable taste in music, too!
Blake Robinson (2 года назад)
That's bad ass! Great job man. I'm trying to decide which table to build myself.
futublock (2 года назад)
ta jartao de recortar madera sin pensar antes como contruirla...
Raymond Vinopal (2 года назад)
If you don't mind my asking, how did you make the base?
Nathan Scheneman (2 года назад)
It looks like a standard octagon base, just cut your angels at 22.5 degrees on a table saw and assemble... You can adjust the height to your liking
George W. Bush (2 года назад)
what size plywood?
Wadda Faak (2 года назад)
looks like 9mil oSB
Pim Fentsahm (2 года назад)
What filling do you use for the arms?
Joe Radosevich (2 года назад)
Nice job. And love the music. Very "Scenes from a memory pt 2"
Michael Henriques (2 года назад)
send me a video of the Melcher mint of the table slower please
Michael Henriques (2 года назад)
I want for you to go more slower to see the Melcher mint of the table
Todd Gaak (2 года назад)
Thanks for the video of how NOT to built a table. Seriously, all those awesome tools and this is the best you can do? Your craftsmanship leaves much to be desired, especially that rail.
Jose Gamez (1 год назад)
Todd Gaak what's wrong with what he did?
karl kmetz (2 года назад)
where can i find the plans?
Cameron Hinkel (2 года назад)
really sick man!
mbarts (2 года назад)
great video! thanks for sharing)
OG 33 (2 года назад)
what are the dimensions of the plywood?
jdblake22 (2 года назад)
Nice job man! You have some skills.
Ben DePasquale (2 года назад)
never mind it's mask machine
Ben DePasquale (2 года назад)
song name???
YU-GI-OH Con Cajones (2 года назад)
Justin Dahl (3 года назад)
what do you cover it with?
Dany Hermawan (3 года назад)
how do u make those gold drinks cup?
Silencer Love (3 года назад)
Cool, man!
Let's Tin Whistle (3 года назад)
Cool build, but you should raise the felt playing surface above the chip/cup shelf so the cards can be easily swept off into your hand.
Bob Ross (3 года назад)
Awesome build, helped alot!
Justin Dahl (3 года назад)
damnnnnn dude
Thomas Roucka (3 года назад)
Came for the tutorial, stayed for the sweet soundtrack!
Dominic (3 года назад)
Very nice man.  Are you from Riverton, NJ by chance?  You look familiar.
CCTS (3 года назад)
He is from Montreal Canada, he lives a few doors down from me!
E.Cihan UYSAL (3 года назад)
i just started that project. building similar and better :)) thnks for the idea :)
P Cc (3 года назад)
You've inspired me, I'm getting started on this project this weekend. Do you have the dimensions?
karl kmetz (2 года назад)
+Paul Carreon have you found the dimensions?
Jared Brockmann (3 года назад)
half way through the music took a pokemon turn on us
Adam dale (3 года назад)
Really enjoyed the build and what a great end result :-) just out of curiosity why did you cut the wooden sections on the band saw then on the table saw?
Mario Cappellano (3 года назад)
I hope those cup holders are just for show; don't let your mates drink near that fine looking table! Oh and +1 on the embedded chips, great idea!
McGinn's WoodShop (3 года назад)
Beautiful table!  
J.D. Ransom (3 года назад)
Impressive.  Nice build.
renzow6 (3 года назад)
Awesome music,is yours....
Chris McDowell | CMR Woodworks (3 года назад)
Awesome build. I like how you used poker chips in the design. Nice work!
aaroncorbett10 (1 год назад)
Michael Gaspari what are the dimensions for the table as i would love to try and make it but put in my own little bit to it
Michael Gaspari (3 года назад)
+CMR Woodworks | Chris McDowell thank you! thats my favorite part
Tim M. (3 года назад)
Looks good. Good job. I noticed you have a mic on your arm. Are you a musician?
Michael Gaspari (3 года назад)
+Tim M. thank you! yes i play guitar and piano primarily and sing to
Marcos Lopez (3 года назад)
Excelente para unas buenas manos de cartas. Excelente proyecto

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