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Dell Latitude E6520 (P14F001) Smart Card Slot How-To Video Tutorial

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Dell Latitude E6520 (P14F001) video repair tutorial was brought to you by http://www.parts-people.com SHOP FOR DELL Latitude E6520 PARTS: Latitude E6520 Smart Card Slot: http://ppci.me/c/140/354/smart+card+slot Latitude E6520 Parts List in Stock: http://ppci.me/c/140/354 Shop for more than 250,000 Dell parts shipped same day Tools needed for this repair: 1/8 inch Flat Head & Phillips Screwdriver Repair Difficulty: Intermediate (Medium) INSTALLATION & REPAIR INSTRUCTIONS: - STEP-1: Avoid static discharge by grounding yourself using a wrist grounding strap or by touching a bare metal surface like a connector on the back of the laptop and remove all of the power including the battery and power adapter. - STEP-2: Slide the battery latches towards the outside of the laptop until they click. - STEP-3: Follow link to Read More - http://ppci.me/b/FYJk Having trouble finding the correct part? Contact us, our educated staff can help! Toll Free: 866-816-5254 or http://www.parts-people.com /contact.htm PARTS-PEOPLE.COM - ABOUT US - We stock over 250,000 Genuine Dell laptop parts. - More than 10 years in business - Five star ratings from Yelp, InsiderPages, Citysearch, & more - We have sold over 2 million Dell parts to more than 200,000 customers world-wide - Complete company history - http://www.parts-people.com /company.htm Share Us, Like Us, and Follow Us http://www.parts-people.com/getsocial Thank You for watching our videos. http://www.youtube.com/dellpartspeople
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