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$5/$5 Pot Limit Omaha 8 Hi/Lo, Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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$5/$5 Pot Limit Omaha 8 Hi/Lo with JAKE ROSENSTIEL and BRENT HARRINGTON. PLAYER LINEUP: 1. Crispy Bacon | 2. Howard | 3. Dan U. | 4. Brendon | 5. Matt H. | 6. Mark S. | 7. Hollywood | 8. David V. Watch us LIVE every Monday and Wednesday HERE: http://bit.ly/2tYshL8 Watch full episodes of Stones LIVE HERE: http://bit.ly/2ujdE4F Follow Stones LIVE on Twitter HERE: http://bit.ly/2tYKLv8 We broadcast every Monday and Wednesday at 7PM PT and the last Sunday of each month from Stones Gambling Hall located in Citrus Heights, California.
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Текстовые комментарии (18)
Jack Yi (1 месяц назад)
Oh Mark....I love you.
Moto Gary (3 месяца назад)
wow the announcers are sooooo dumb I had to pause and mute them for fuck sakes, noobs.
Chegas Prez (9 месяцев назад)
Nice glimpse and commentary into a loose Omaha hi-lo cash game filled with amateurs. Speaking of, is there a way to receive notifications when Mark is at the table? Never folds, plays poor starting hands, draws for straights/flushes with paired boards, etc.... Mark, if u read this, you seem like a nice guy but may want to check out some tutorials....but I get the feeling u enjoy he action and don't care about throwing away a grand or two.
Christian Amstadter (1 год назад)
Not impressed with the commentary. Far too many wrong hands called by these guys. This will be the last time I watch these morons.
Roy Crosby (3 месяца назад)
Sorta disagree, the players were doing so much limping that there were 4-6 players in every pot. Tracking all those graphics made the game a little disjointed.
Troy White (3 месяца назад)
Christian Amstadter no doubt, these two guys really don’t have a clue about PLO8!
Agustin Jaimes (1 год назад)
How often does this game runs at this casino? Does anyone know
Peter Flemming (4 дня назад)
i know yeah haha fuck me their bad
Stones Live Poker (1 год назад)
We'd be happy to have you. If you want to get on our live stream, contact Justin - Text/Call 702-465-9450 or email jkuraitis@stonesgamblinghall.com He'll be more than happy to make it happen.
Agustin Jaimes (1 год назад)
Cool that's great to know appreciate that I'll be heading to the West Coast pretty soon looking forward to playing this casino
Stones Live Poker (1 год назад)
Yeah, we're not on Bravo - we have our own app. Search "Stones Gambling Hall" on either GooglePlay or the AppStore. The app has a much more comprehensive/realtime schedule that works in conjunction with our internal tracking system. You can even put your name on a list for a game once you confirm your tel# with the desk. (You only have to do this once)
Agustin Jaimes (1 год назад)
Ok so the game doesn't make daily cus I don't see this casino on bravo so I don't know what games are running daily. By the way love de stream cheers from Texas
Neil (1 год назад)
better players grinding the micros online by miles
TrickTappic* (7 месяцев назад)
Thats why playing live is soo much more profitable. Some truly horrible players live no matter what casino you are in.
thomas madsen (1 год назад)
So real
TheMASDrummer (1 год назад)
Neil Scotland i agree completely.
maren kinney (1 год назад)
never let brent harrington on ur channel again. ruins ears. sounds like an idiot with every spoken word. complete idiot

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