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AMD Ryzen LFR WoW performance
I dont raid at 10 setting, just a test. AMD R7 1700 3.8ghz 3200 memory clocked at 2400mhz Gtx 1060 6gb Video recorded with OBS 720p/60fps
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Dalaran FPS AMD Ryzen
AMD Ryzen 1700 3.9ghz 16gb 2667 cas 14 memory Nvidia gtx 1060 6gb 2560x1440 Res 7 graphics preset, only change is view distance to 4 Had seen people ask about dalaran FPS with ryzen, this is common FPS in the video, on real busy days it can go down to ~60.
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Flying around broken shore, AMD Ryzen.
Last video had vsync on, just showing what to expect with a 3.8ghz ryzen cpu. My GPU is a gtx 1060.
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Asrock killer 2666 wont post.
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AMD Ryzen World of Warcraft
Farming nethershards in the new zone. Ryzen 1700 3.8ghz OC 16gb 2400 memory Gtx 1060 6gb
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Pixelated WoW Text
Can you see the pixelation?
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Vizio 2016 E55 smartcast motion test.
Contrary to popular belief, the TV handles motion fine. This was tested with a low power HTPC at 1080p 60 fps.
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MSI z97s no boot/bios options.
Spamming delete or any function key does nothing, tried with a USB and PS2 keyboard. Also notice the weird ass loading bar? That is the first time ive ever seen that on windows 10.
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AMD Ryzen balanced vs high performance power plan.
Frame rate is super inconsistent with balanced mode, i tested this last night in world of warcraft as well (dalaran) and it was even more drastic than this, 10-15 FPS drops that did not recover as good on balanced as this video shows. TLDR, use high performance plan with ryzen CPU's.
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Pixelated WoW text
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Gul'dan lfr test
Testing DPS. 886 ilvl spriest.
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Pixelated WoW text 2
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VID 20170315 081727
AMD ryzen high idle volts.
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