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Video Diary 2: Why? 'Now or Never'
I put myself on hold, always thinking there will be a better time to do something, like when I have money and love. But the future is not guaranteed. I want to do what I can more freely in the present time.
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Video Diary 3: Past Love
Just explaining why I'm in some ways held up. I've mostly moved on from my engagement 7 years ago, but it's still part of the story.
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Video Diary 4: To be or not to be a Mormon that is a question...
I'm just having a crisis of conciousness because although I enjoy reading the Book of Mormon and meeting with Sisters and Elders, and been feeling a little closer to God... What they stand for goes against my previous beliefs and advocacy. I'm bisexual. I have friends who are part of the LGBTQ. So... yeah, I don't know. I have many questions for the Sisters and Elders.
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Video Diary 1: Dejavu & Self-acceptance
Hi, I'm a 25 year old girl with a Bipolar Disorder. I'm trying to not be so shy or stubborn and find more ways of self expression to help cope with my mental disease. Making friends at the same time wouldn't hurt too. I made this video to simply say, this is me. This is me, even at my "worst", I'm here. Existing
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